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The percentage growth of confirmed COVID-19 cases: the reasons for a graph

Focusing on Italy, here I explain the reasons why I use a graph that represents the evolution in the daily percentage growth of total confirmed #COVID19 cases. In particular, (i) I compare this type of graph with one that represents the absolute increases of COVID cases, (ii) discuss how this graph allows to compare countries and (iii) point out how one can easily calculate the doubling time of cases.

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A modest proposal to lower the spread on Italian bonds: Salvini should replace his economic advisor

The spread on Italian bonds is soaring, since rational investors give an increasing probability to unsustainable deficit spending and/or the search for a “pro-eurexit accident”. As a first step to bring back the situation to normal, League’s Salvini should explicitly back pro-euro Minister of the Economy Tria, and possibly replace his euro-skeptical economic advisors.